Thursday, September 27, 2007

Zeitgeist shocks us into power of love

At you can watch a three part video for free which is bound to bring new insights.

Part One explains where our solar system first introduced into our consciousness the notions of light and dark. It also very clearly explains why 'Son of God', December 25th, Born of virgin, Crucified, Resurrected, twelve, 3 kings, star in East, repeat in many mytholgies.

Part Two explains the difference between implosians and explosians ion the 9/11 tragedy. The mystery of thermite and NORAD's inability to do what it was set up to do is also explored.

Part ThreeSee what the central bank is set up to do and why federal income tax is illegal. See also the connection with war and profits.

And now my question: what are we to do?
The video quotes Ram Dass reminding us of our beauty, power and love. Also Jimi Hendrix saying "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."

Walking on Pakala's Beach this morning I wondered whether I would have sat as transfixed looking at a video that showed a tranquil ocean and palm trees. Somehow my mind loves the horror and shock of an evil beyond my imagination, and yet if we are all one, then this is part of my deeply buried subconscious. This is shocking. She who loves peace and love, has the capability of such horror? Is it the addiction to movement? To drama of some sort? How can we dream a different story into being? One in which our attention and energy goes into love and peace? Sri Aurobindo, if I understand him correctly, says:

Meditate. Do nothing. Be still. Be silent.

Can our solution be so deceptively simple?

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Expanded Worlds


Green Mierta sports car – top down, a gloriously balmy Kauaian September summer’s morning; and the company of a wonderful girlfriend as we head from Kalaheo for at least an hour’s walk and talk on the vast sand at Kekaha Beach.

Sights as we drive and have the trade winds blow through our hair include scarlet Poinciana still in umbrella bloom; vast stretches of cerise bougainvillea growing wild, splashing the dry Westside landscape with vivid color; recently harvested sugar cane fields free rust red soil to lift and stain nearby everything; the wild west feel of the wooden structures in Waimea town; and the vast expanse of cobalt blue Pacific Ocean stretching all the way to the smudged silhouette of the Forbidden Island on the south western horizon. Neither one of us seem to ever tire of appreciating the incredible gifts Kauai so generously gives us.

While there is much sharing and catching up on each other’s busy lives – She has just been in many paddling races and her team has done well; she is in a new relationship and is enjoyed being adored; and I have just returned from the Maui Writers’ Retreat; am applying for a position that enables a lot of travel - what I most want to blog about today, is what I shared with her about a new concept, a new word; two new words.

The new words are ‘compersian’ and ‘freebly’, and the story to illustrate the concept is that of three monks and a hot air balloon. I choose this story deliberately to expand the original use of this word.

Three monks approach a hot air balloon so excitedly and joyously, that the tour organizer asks his colleague: “You’re sure they know only one is able to go up with us?”

The colleague walks out to meet the monks and checks with them.

“Yes we know, but when one goes we all go!”

To celebrate in another’s happiness and good fortune is compersian. Compersian is the opposite of jealousy.

The Kerista community first coined the word, compersian. My wish is that this word’s use expands beyond a sexual context. The Kerista community also spoke about feeling frubbly. In that context it meant being happy, when another touched someone you loved in an uplifting and enriching manner.

My dream is that we feel frubbly and practice compersian in all areas of our lives.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Writers' Wings: The Maui Writers' Retreat and Conference

Like every Maui Writers' Retreat this one began local style. The kahuna, draped in a red sarong marked with black tattoo like design, opened the 2007 six day event. Around his neck was a necklace of green leaves, and he carried a bunch of bright green, feather-like ti leaves and a conch. Four times he stopped, and raised the mauvy-pink shell to his lips. Four times, the deep sound resonated around the Aulani Ballroom. This ritual continued with a traditional Hawaiian permission chant. He asked his ancestors to bless this gathering. In anticipation he thanked us all for the words we write that will nurture the future.

Anticipation. Frustration. Exasperation. Intensity. Perspiration. Inspiration. A week of growth and expansion followed, monitored and mentored by Dan Millman; Dan Millman and co. The 'co' refers to the other retreatants in the Non-Fiction; Mind, Body, Spirit track.

Together we went beyond the air conditioned Wailea Hotel conference room: we met archetypes recast with a real Guinevere and Lancelot in Path to Camelot; were introduced to a former nun's Blind Faith; opened letters with love from the mysterious Bea; explored simple practices to Make Room for Spirit; followed a couple's desperate search to salvage and transform their relationship; and empathised with the child from Mexico who felt invisible and alone in the 'Land of Opportunity'.

We worked way into the night. We turned re-worked pages in for copying before 7:30 each morning. We found out what distinguishes an amateur writer from a professional. We practised the craft of writing. We were given writers' wings. Where we fly with these wings, is up to us.