Tuesday, October 17, 2006

From earthquakes to cleanses and life as usual

Since my last entry Hawaii had an earthquake! We felt the shocks here just after 7 in the morning. We were drinking tea, reading in bed. The bedroom shook. KKCR interrupted their classical selection to confirm that a 6.6 earthquake had shaken the Big Island, but that there was no threat of a tsunami. Kauai didn't have much damage. That was not true for the other islands.

Power outages were the biggest challenge as Honolulu airport choked up. Bruce had gone across to Oahu to run a 30 km race and ended up having to stay the night in a room next to the elevator. When we spoke on cell phones, he said "It's crazy - no traffic lights, no restaurants open,not even water is available!"

The Big Island was hit the worst. Mudslides and building damages and a few people hurt - no fatalities thankfully.

And internally I experienced my own turmoil. I began the master cleanse on Friday. Maple syrup, lemon juice and cayenne pepper. Was it the toxins that created the headache and body aches, or was it my own crankiness when I denied myself my usual coffee, tea, cheese, wine and food!? I lasted two days - well nearly two days. On day two I had some tofu and nuts. On day three I had half a papaya and salad and fish. On day four I had half a papaya, two ryvitas and boiled egg ...and salad and fish. I even sneaked two sips from my husband's coffee. And today day five - a double cappuccino and fruit and granola... somehow I just know it is too difficult for me. It separates me from my tribe - the people around me who are eating and drinking as they usually do. I guess to so this while still engaged in society one has to have discipline like steel. It feels like the only way I will be able to do this is to go away on a retreat and cleanse myself even of contact and 'normal' routines.

Life as usual - well not quite as usual ...I did have a wonderful spa day courtesy of my friend Maureen on Sunday. Lounge at the pool, swim laps, take a power walk along Poipu's coast, yoga class, face packs and hair masques and steam and jacuzzi. A perfectly relaxing day. I lay reading The Mythic Path - trying to identify which story I am living.

And talking of myths, we're watching, from Netflix, Joseph Campbell's Mythos Part two. I love how he extrapolates the universal message all cultures appear to have from the localised or regional manifestation of the story.

And the myth theme seems to be all round me. My Shift magazine speaks of a dominator myth and all our heroes and many statues being those of military significance. What new myth can unfold? How do we create peace and a harmony between seeming pairs of opposites? A new dance between the feminine and the masculine? Da Vinci speaks of Pi perfect balance?

Well enough from me ...we're off to join friends down at Poipu for drinks and pupus at sunset...

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