Friday, July 31, 2009

Celebrating Life with Others

A photo taken from Joe's on the Green, in Poipu. Neil, Bruce, Raymond and Mechtild made the time to celebrate, and treat me to breakfast. What an amazing 47th to 48th birthday year!

So many things to be grateful for
- greencard, (to Neiloh, Bruce and Phoebs I give special thanks...and to all the many others, who have supported me in this process)

travel (thanks to my part time position with United Airlines)- many times first class: LA and week cruise to Mexico; first trip back to family and friends in South Africa in 7 years; meet Wilma in Toronto to see Joan Boaz; visit Kate in Salt Lake City; reconnect with Louise in Sydney and visit Daniel and Julia; Washington DC and reconnecting with my much loved in-laws; exotic Bali -...

wemoon weekly writers' group: kokee forest retreat, breastalation, barking sands retreat and so many creative moments each week when we get together to share, dig deep or play lightly-

fullmoon bonfires and dancing and dreaming and drinking bubbly and eating chocolate and making and wearing masks-

secure and beautiful home and supportive, wonderful, generous husbands-

walks on beautiful beaches both alone and with fabulous friends -

and to celebrate and mark this fabulous milestone (48 years on planet earth) carrot cake, champagne, breakfasts, lunches, bonfires, body painting, and so many many gifts and calls and cards and e-mails!!!! So incredibly grateful for this beyond my wildest dreams life!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Movie: Daughter of Keltoum

If it wasn’t for my friend, Edith’s recommendation, I would not have persevered with this gem . Dry and stark challenging landscapes in which the story moves slowly mirrors at once the lack of moisture in these wemoon’s lives, but also begins to nudge the conscious that it is in the looks and what is not said or done that there is a great richness. I am so grateful that I didn't fall into the trap of watching only that to which I am accustomed : this movie proved once again that all is not as it seems. This movie illustrates different lives and values – or are they really different?

Daughter of Keltoum.