Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A day in Kalaheo

Kauai Womoon: Wednesday, October 11th 2006

A grey sky but streaks of pink show the sun is rising. We go in his silver GMC truck to the lot up on Puu Road. We are hoping to see a sign. As we drive I notice a shaft of an intense colored rainbow streaked with oblique rays of sunlight.

We agree that it is a sign of hope.

Down the steep concrete road to the property. He pulls right into the sugar cane, so I can sit on the tailgate.

Nick - our future neighbor? is working on the land to the east. We stop and talk with him. His girlfriend is originally from Rhodesia , but lived in Durban, after they left what is now known as Zimbabawe. He asks me if I can speak Afrikaans. Now that is not something I expected. After all we ‘re half way around the world, on an island in the Pacific. “It’s a sign” says Neil, “you’re home.”

We drive back to the Kalaheo coffee shop, meeting place for locals- Bagel Benny for Neil; veggie benny for moi - and coffees.

Driving home I make two calls - one to Edith checking whether we have a movie night tonight, and the other returning Mo’s call. This Kauai womoon has a wealth of friends - all haoles - ‘European’ imports.

Today is another day in my studio. Glorious time to read and write. Through the screens I see the shades of green and I know it’s true: I live on a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific.

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